Something for my Dad

Hi guys. I just wanted to write something about my father here. My dad, as of this year, will be team 1676’s newest mentor, and will be helping with the business and non-tech subteam and sometimes with mechanical. I wanted to share a little story here.

My dad and I have always had an odd relationship. He has that wise-guy personality, and we often joke around with each other and poke fun. But on the other hand, we really have a special bond. Because of him, I have been a car enthusiast for my entire life, and we always go to car shows together. He has always been someone who is good with his hands, and likes to fix things around the house and do the yard work himself instead of hiring people to do it. Since I was young, he has passed these skills down to me, which gave me a basic knowledge of how things worked. It wasn’t until I joined robotics that I realized that all those years of fixing, tinkering, and yard work actually could help me in life. My dad may not be an engineer, being a well educated and intelligent business man, but he sure does think like one. My rookie year on the team, my father wasn’t really involved in the program. he was busy with work, and though he came to the regionals, he wasn’t a mentor or anything. Just a Pi-parent. That all changed last season, when he saw how incredible of a program FIRST was. He would check in every so often at the auto shop to see how my team and I were doing and look at the robot and other projects going on. He would even offer his opinion sometimes, which was always accepted. Even the head coach and other mentors noticed his eagerness to be involved, and this formed a good relation between them and my father. When my parents decided to let me go to St. Louis for the Championship, my dad took time off of work, which is not easy for him, made his own travel arrangements and came with the team and I all the way to St. Louis, just to see what FIRSt was really about and to support his son, and the amazing team he was part of. This really opened my eyes to how much my dad’s new involvement to the team meant to me, and I’ll never forget it. When I came home, I found out that my father had been talking to the head coach, and would become a mentor next season. For my dad to take the time out of his already busy schedule just to help the team, was truly heartwarming. Though I’m on electrical and my dad will be working with business, since that is his profession, his opinions are always insightful. I’m extremely proud to say that my father was the one who helped me get started on my interest in technology and how things work early in my life, and I’m even prouder to say that he will share his experience with my team.

Dad, you’ve always been an inspiration too me, and now I’m even happier that you can be part of this incredible program. Thanks, papa.

For My Father, David Warsoff. A business man by day, and handyman by night, and always a familyman.

From a proud and young son,
Jared L. Warsoff
Team 1676 the Pascack Pioneers
Electrical Subteam member

Nicely done Jared.

Hope I get a chance to meet you and your dad (St. Louis this year?), you sound like an awesome “team”.

Indeed Richard. I hope you will get to meet him too

I think this thread belongs in the General forum. It is too special to be in Chit Chat.

I’ve been reading CD for many years - longer than I’ve been posting. This is the first time that I can remember reading a post like this, having a student honor and welcome their parent to the team as a new member and mentor. It is wonderful.

Wishing each of you and your team a fantastic 2011/2012 season.


I agree with Jane, and moved the thread to General.

This made me smile. That is hard to do! :slight_smile:


I bet you are an amazing son as well, being raised by such a great dad. This post made me cry…and made me a little bit jealous too.

Welcome your dad to the wonderful world of FIRST mentors for me

Thank you everyone for the kind responses you all posted. My father just read this last night actually, and i saw a smile come across his face.

Next step: get my dad to join CD so you can all talk to him!

Also, here’s a photo of my and my dad while we were at St. Louis. This was taken at dinner at the hotel. My father was sitting with all of the mentors, and I saw that he fit right in.

And after looking at that picture, I have made a major decision. Time to get out of bed and get myself a cookie!

To Dad:

Trust me, friend, a hundred years goes faster then you think
So don’t blink.
Naw, don’t blink
Life goes faster than you think.

(Lyrics from a Kenny Chesney song that I like.)

Jump on in.
Jaws music playing…



You are not alone! I was in a very similar situation some 7 years ago. I was the new guy on 1403, loving it and getting some serious exposure to the engineering world thanks to some of our technical mentors. My Dad got the chance to chaperon a trip to the New Jersey Regional and well since the 1403 has never been the same.

He too is a business guy, he got a degree back in the day in Accounting but always was the handyman wherever he was. So gear ratios and aluminum malleability wasn’t his thing, but that hasn’t helped him from revising countless chairman’s, business proposals, as well as being mentor lead for the strategy, scouting and drive teams. There is a lot to do outside of touching the robot… just ask NEMO!

This has been one of the greatest posts that I have ever read on this forum. There are to few people who don’t thank people like this. I wish I could have the same experience that you are having right now.

Good luck in the next season.