Something new from team 25

Every year we try to come up with something that will rock the way robots are made.
In 2000 we made the longest arm (at that time)
In 2001 we pole voulted
In 2002 came up with the 4 ounse breaks and now I see tons of teams with there own verson of it
In 2003 we showed that gear drives and be fast and powerful without changing into high and low gear.
In 2004 OOOOOOOHHHHHH baby the best i think we have done yet if everything works out liked planed i think everyone will drop there jaw on this one.

we at team 25 want to help push the level of robots to the next level. So if there are any question about the robots we answer them at the compition. By telling how our robots are made. It makes us think of how to improve each year. OH and if you going to ask what we are doing in 2004 come to the nj reagional and see. You will not be disappionted.

25 always seems to have an awesome design, and is always a strong contender at the competitions they attend.

I know I’'m going to be checking them out at the NJ regional.

My curiosity has definitely been piqued. When a team who has made it to the main stage at nationals 3 out of the last 4 years speaks, I listen. So are you just going to leave us hanging until New Jersey, or are you going to drop us a little hint. I mean, it seems like the polite thing to do. =)

thx for the inspiration…last yrs drive train was an amazing thing…hopefully this rookie team can improve on that drive train =)

In 2002 came up with the 4 ounse breaks and now I see tons of teams with there own verson of it

I think I know what I though you said…

but just to be sure - you designed a braking system that only weighs 4 ounces?

does it brake the wheels or put a foot down on the floor?

i will try to get a picture for you

Also all hints if any given will only come from wayne c. our head coach. That way you know the sorce is correct.

4 oz brakes.

Brakes that weigh 4 ozs.

Servo turns, metal rod is inserted into a brass gear in drivetrain. Gears lock. Robot ceases to move. Put same mechanism on opposite side of robot and voila. An unstoppable 4 oz braking system.

Of course, this year’s system has some minor improvements. :wink:

I think there will be several teams with tricks up their sleeves this year (mine included). I look forward to seeing some of these machines and continuing to up the level of play.

All this braking system is “lock” the gearbox and wheels. This turns the wheels into brakes that act on the carpet.

Limitations to this?
A robot with a higher coeff of friction can push you (As long as their gearbox is geared low enough).

Many teams drop “super traction” type brakes in lieu of this. (filecards in 2002, sorbothane in 2003)

If the drivetrain gearbox is geared low enough to “slip wheels” there is NO need for this locking system. A high torque gearbox can do the same job.


Combined with high-traction wheels, this sort of braking system is more-than-effective.

The main purpose of our brakes is to save battery power by allowing us to not have to run our motors to keep our position when being attacked by other robots.

True. :slight_smile:

You’re absolutely right Anthony.

I didn’t mean to diss the system, just clarifying it’s usage.


Hopfully are teams drive system this year is one of a kind. There is about a 99% chance that no other team will have anything close to our drive system. Stay tuned to see the drive train design in week 5-1/2.