Something not quite right with FIRST's website data

As I was looking at the FIRST website for teams in my division, I noticed something funny.

When I went to Team 79’s subsite in the FIRST website, I see that they apparently attended 3 regionals in the same weekend this year?!?!?!?

Another team has a similar issue with the data, but not as serious.
Team 103 is listed as going to NJ 2 times… ok… no biggie there.

But… The question remains with 79 (and potentially more teams now) Where the heck did they really go??? :ahh:

That’s weird…

According to their website, they went to Florida and Las Vegas this year =)

It’s been messed up all year.

I noticed that too when looking at which teams would be at regionals I was going to. I found the regional list is accurate – the team list is less accurate. It isn’t missing any, it seemed, but just added on a few extra. Maybe they had selected that one and then didn’t pay or unregistered, and the team detail page isn’t pulling the data correctly?

Ya I’ve been noticing that all year. I asked one team about it and they said they changed between the regionals early in the process.

This happened to us (we are listed at FLR twice). Their listing posts all the ones they ever registered for. And if you unregister & reregister, it will list you for the regional twice. So they probably signed up & dropped events.

FIRST has us attending a regional that we did not go to. At one time we were trying to attend three regionals and championship. Due to time and money issues we attended two regionals and are attending the championship. FIRST still shows us as going to the third regional. We are not on the official team list for the regional that we did not attend. BlueAlliance has us listed correctly with match results and few vidios.

I noticed this too a while ago, my team’s page says that we went to the St. Louis Regional, which filled before we could pay for it (we were pending), but they never removed it.

The “Events Attending” is the list of competitions that teams signed up for. 1188 signed up for GLR, then added Buckeye and WMR. When it came time to pay, we had made the decision for Buckeye, and dropped WMR, but it still appears on our “list”.

If you registered for a regional, then didn’t pay, or dropped out, the regional was never removed from that teams list. 254 is still listed as attending Great Lakes regional, despite dropping out in favor of Los Angeles (both week 2, and both listed under the Poof’s profile).