Sonar Viewer

Is it possible to use a Sonar Sensor with LabView to generate a Image that will show on the client Screen (Drive Station)? The Idea is to have it so when the robot in on the other side of the field past the defenses the user will be able to look at the Camera (Low Resolution to Prevent reaching the max bandwidth) and the sonar image to see how far away they are from an object. With this I would be able to find the balls and other robots…

Any Idea’s and problems you believe that may occur? I do think that this would also hurt us considering that it would take up some of the bandwidth.

Sonar does not give an “image”. It merely tells you the distance (technically, the time it takes a signal to bounce back).

It won’t help you “find” anything. It will merely tell you if anything is in front of the sonar. If you want to help determine distance to object the camera sees, that would work. In order to detect a boulder, the sonar will have to be mounted pretty low.

The sonar gives you a one pixel image where the value of that pixel is a distance value.

Probably not the most useful way to think of it, though.
Greg McKaskle