Song request

Does anyone know the song played at Eisenstein last year that was a mash of different songs. I can remember it had the song Duck Sauce with the words Barbra Streisand replaced with rebound rumble.

Surprisingly, I do.

This website lets you make any custom version of that song. Go bananas!

Other than that, I suspect the DJ mixed it right there so there probably isn’t a copy available. Also this.

It was more than just Duck Sauce, It was a bunch a popular songs of the time. I think I saw the same song for a super bowl commercial but with rebound rumble in it.

You guys are talking about my favorite song! I think the DJ remixed it right there so I downloaded the DJ schmolli song and modified it to say “Building Robots” instead of “Footballin’”. (I think) You can download it here.

Thank you so much, it is an awesome song.

google reports that too many have downloaded this already, and refuses to allow more access for a while. :frowning:

Just noticed this! Thanks for the pm dcarr. I have now also uploaded the song for downloading at Click here for the direct link.

I totally did not think it would be that popular.