Sonic Scout - offline scouting app being released now

I’ve helped a couple students on the Sonic Squirrels team (FRC 2930) while they developed a set of scouting applications:

  1. An Android app. A QR code is generated on your Android tablet after you enter scouting information.
  2. A laptop application. It is a QR code scanner that stores the data in an offline database. You (the scouting “manager”) sit in the stands with your laptop application as your scouts bring you QR codes. That data can be exported to Excel or whatever analytics software you use.

The source for the apps is being released as open-source, the Android app is in a private Beta in the Google Play Store, and the build tools will be free for FIRST teams.

The home for it is on GitHub - diskuv/scoutapps: Sonic Scout is scouting software for First Robotics competitions. The software is gradually being converted to use the simpler scripting framework.

Today there is a prebuilt laptop application for macOS (see the “Releases” tab). Last season the laptop application was on Windows, so expect to see the prebuilt Windows laptop application land sometime in late July. And the Android app for last season will be publicly available sometime this summer.

Of course, scouting using last season’s designs leaves your team at a disadvantage, so your team can modify the source code and build your own customized apps. I’d be the last person on the planet to say doing the modifications is easy today, but it will get much better by the end of 2024. And there will be a code walkthrough in July depending on interest (with more to follow as needed).

And half of it uses an unusual programming language (OCaml) which is best for individuals pursuing a computer science degree rather than conventional programming! The other half is Java.

The only restriction is that you have to agree to release your changes at the end of each robotics season, just like the Sonic Squirrels have done.

Please leave a reply if you would like Private Beta access to the Android app in July, or if you want to attend a code walkthrough in July. (No DMs please unless you are a mentor.)