Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere?

I have some projects coming up in which I’ll need to make promotional videos and was wondering what the general consensus was as to which the better software was. If you have any other software recommendations*** [for the PC] I’ll be more than happy to take a look at those as well.

***NOTE: Please don’t waste a post saying FCS.

Thanks in advance,
Pavan Dave

I’ve always used Adobe Premiere.

I’ve used both, I use premier now because it came with my Adobe suite, but vegas was pretty much the same, there were a few things I liked better about vegas but more than likely thats just cause I havent figured out how to do thoes things in premier yet. Either way they will get done what you want, so whatever your wallet allows, get.

Sony Vegas Pro 8.0 and Final Cut Pro are the two softwares we are using this year.
Sony also has a contest which we are entering, which basically allows us to create one video for two purposes.

FCP, however, is way superior, in my opinion over Vegas Pro or any other novice software.

I have used both programs. I would prefer premiere over vegas at anytime.
but unfortunately premiere that i have doesnt support AVCHD format and i have a sony HD camera so I have to use vegas for that.

I prefer Vegas personally.

Premier sucks up too much processor power and slows down your computer immensely. It also freezes a lot for me.

Vegas has never frozen and has some better features.