Soooo i'm starting Labveiw.....

I’m part of M’aiken Magic 1102 and last year we had only to people who had a clue how to program and they were seniors. Sooooo I am a sophmore and have 2 freshmen protege aha and we’re all clueless. I know labveiw enviroment in a small way because I have all the code from last years robot. I am a FTC programmer who knew that it had a motor config tool for FTC and it was motor[motorA] = 100; power level that sort of thing i liked robotC…alot…

I am going to use Labveiw this year because of it’s options.

Does anyone have some basic programs with Autonomous and Tele-Op?

im sure if you search around here on CD enough you’ll find some. In the off-season my team aquired a mechanum drive base code from CD. Do some searches, im sure you’ll find something.

Hope you get what you need :smiley:

Make a new LabVIEW robot project. It already includes what you’re asking for.

Try out

It’s an excellent resource for new labview programmers in FRC.

For learning LabVIEW, I would highly recommend going to a bookstore and picking up a copy of LabVIEW for Everyone (by James Kring).
It’s $80, but it covers a lot, and is phrased in a way that is easy to understand.

I would not be the programmer that I am without good printed resources.