Sorry about the UNGRACIOUS post!!!!! :) :) :)

Posted by Chris at 03/11/2001 10:12 AM EST

Student on team #69, HYPER Team 69 Quincy Public Schools Gillette , from North Quincy High and The Gillette Company.

I am sorry if I made people mad!!!

The meaning of the post was to make sure that all of the first teams where having a good time and that there was no ungracious professionalism passing around out there!!!

I hope that I did not offend anyone!!
No names where mentioned and nothing was done to slander anyone! This was just to give people a hint of what could happen if things turn ugly!!

I am truly sorry for the people I have offended!

I am not sure how many people took my post offensive because by the time I checked back with the site it had already been yanked!

Feel free to write about this and I can give you a little more reasoning of my first quote!!!


Posted by Anton Abaya at 03/11/2001 11:01 PM EST

Coach on team #419, Rambots, from UMass Boston / BC High and If only we had free donuts…

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Posted by Chris on 03/11/2001 10:12 AM EST:

chris… dont worry about it. people in here hate me more than u (not that they do). hehe…

so uhh… after this is all over, wanna have some robotic olympics? :slight_smile:


Posted by Ken Leung at 03/12/2001 4:25 AM EST

Student on team #192, Gunn Robotics Team, from Henry M. Gunn Senior High School.

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Posted by Anton Abaya on 03/11/2001 11:01 PM EST:

Hey don’t worry about it…

It is all in the past now. We should all focus in the up coming competition. After all, it’s still great fun watching the live broadcast.

Getting ready for National is really important too. Make sure you pack everything, and get school work done.

By the way, NO one should hate anyone else around here.