i am sorry i offended you all. much of this is one big misunderstanding. i have only taken away rep from one person, and my rep is so low i don’t think it did anything anyway. just wanted to get that out there before i wake up and am banned from this ( i talked with the admin and have changed all offensive and incorrect info, i didn’t know that i was considered a student, nor did i even see the student role for it is all the way at the bottom or close to it). almost all of my posts are “good” post where i ask an honest question. if i do get off track just remind me in a private message don’t take away rep (not that i really care anymore…)

they hate my to :frowning:

They took off most of my posts because I was promoting my own forum site. Seems like we’re all in the same boat…

If you guys have issues with moderation or rules of the site, please take them up with the admins (Mike Martus, meaubry, or myself) rather than publically complaining. The admins will gladly listen to your problems and take the appropriate actions.