A little late, sorry.

Sig size: Maximum - 450x150
Style: Any
Theme: Any
Animation: Allowed
Must clearly contain your current forum username
One entry per member

Important: The signature must be original work created specially for this SOTW (no pre-mades). Once your entry is posted it must not be changed and any changes to the post and/or double posts will be DQ’d. PM me if you have any problems.

Closing date is 12th October 2007 at 17:00GMT

Must not contain anything offensive and if you do not stick to the rules you will be disqualified.

Post only your entires in here. If you have any questions or want to discuss the SOTW, PM me.

Good Luck People and I look forward to seeing your entries

Wow… I’ve got negative less than one month to finish this… need my time machine!!!

(Should be October 12th?)

no one entered :frowning:

Maybe I’m a bit late?