Sould BattleCry be a 2 day event?

Now that BattleCry has moved to 36 teams and is bigger than 2 regionals should it be made into a 2 day event, or stay as a one day event. What is your opinion?

This is turning into a Regional oh boy! Um… I’m pretty sure though that we could attend just traveling back and forth but there could be some issues for teams that are out of state. I think the one day is going to have to do although I would love to have two days.

I think it could be a two day event! obviously for this years it is a little late to annouce that, because several people have based plans on it already. For next year it woudl be a grand idea though!

Personally for my team it is deffintally not a good time, becuase Sunday is the Senior graduation (about half of my team). I am sure that there are other Sunday events in other schools too. Also I think those are finals week for my school anyways. + June is a busy month for all people with many cermonies, and getting a lot of people to come is harder and harder. Don’t get me wrong I would love it for 2 days, but I would fear that I could be the only be a few people on my team willing to make that comminement.

I think you can squzze it all into one day, if everyone is cordinated, and moves faster.

I am sorry if I confused anyone. It is going to be a one day event for sure, I was just curious to see what other people would have thought if this was going to be a 2 day event and what opinions people have on off-season events possible running 2 days.

it would be a good idea but some teams travel so far that they have no place to stay.