Sound effects in 3Ds Max.

Hello all,

I am wondering if we are allowed to use a software not provided by Autodesk for adding sounds to the safety animation. This is my teams first year to enter the safety animation contest and if it is allowed I believe it would be much easier to use a software like Pinnacle or Movie Maker for sounds.

If we have to use Autodesk software, does anyone know of a Plugin or Maxscript that would make it easier then using the trackview? If so please post a link here.


Hey man,

You can use any program you want for the voice-over or soundtrack. Our team uses audacity, Cakewalk Sonar, and we have a small mixer/8-track recorder. We have a few students that play piano, so we bring them in and have them work with the animators to make a soundtrack. It has worked pretty well for us for the past few years, and I am sure it will work for a while coming.

If you want to make sound effects, I would recommended just creating the animation with the soundtrack in a separate program, and then use movie-maker, or premier to put the sound effects in, that way you don’t have to do any calculating to find out where the sound effects have to go. You just pop it in, and move it until its just right.

For your actual animation, I would download the trial version of premier from here

As for the track bar editor, I always thought it was pretty easy. I do not know of any max scripts or plugins that would make it any easier. I think it just might be one of those practice makes perfect things. I am sure there are plenty of tutorials,and im not the best at 3ds, but if you need any further help, pleas feel free to PM me.


Thank you very much!