Sound Limit

Is there any sort of sound limit on the robot… our shooter is pretty deafening and we can’t find a good way to quiet it

I’m pretty sure there is no sound limit.
If your shooter works who care how loud it is.
Good luck in the rest of your build from team 1056 in Hawaii

At most events it is pretty loud as it is. You probably won’t be able to hear the robot. But if you want suggestions on how to quiet your shooter, you’ll have to give us some details about what powers your shooter.

I wouldn’t say that you probably wont be able to hear the robot… I know from experience. We didn’t press a motor pinion on far enough, which resulted in the loudest p60 ever. Our team could hear it from the top of the stands scouting…::safety::

Im assuming youre using the cim sim gearbox from andymark. Use wax lubricant and rebuild/tighten everything up after about a half hour’s use this is universal though, rebuilding and lubricating for most gear configurations is not a bad idea.

If you’re anything like ours, then ours sounds like a screaming banshee when it goes off and it ended up being because our metal spacers between the wheels and the metal frame weren’t the right size and rattling around. We kind of want to keep it that way simply because it sounds like a heavy duty chainsaw when it revs up XD

To everyone, sound when it is distracting does violate some rules. Often when mechanical systems make unusual noises, they are trying to tell you something is wrong. Listen carefully.

Following what Al stated, If you are using Banebot 775’s with the CIM-U-Lator gearboxes, be careful to NOT use the same #10-32 screws from your CIM motors to mount them. We had a realization when swapping out our CIM shooter motors for the Banebot setups. It seemed easy enough to use the same screws from the CIMs ( they are 3/4" long ) and are just long enough to hit the 775 motor pinion. This happens just as the screw starts to tighten, so it’s hard to discern what’s occuring. This will certainly destroy your Banebot motors and gearboxes. Be sure your free hand test your setup before applying power. If it doesn’t move smoothly - something is wrong! Using 1/2" long mounting screws eliminated this problem for us.