Sound Systems

now I know there is a rule in the manual that says we can’t have speakers on the robot, that means no metallica during the matches :mad: but are we still permitted to have them on the carts?


From Section 3:

3.3.6 Robot Carts
To protect team members from muscle strains and other injuries as they transport the robot
between the Pits and the competition area, we strongly recommend that team members use a
cart, but please keep the following in mind:
 Carts must remain in the team pit area when not in use for robot transportation;
 All carts should fit through a standard 30-inch door;
 Wheels on the cart must not damage site flooring;
 Do not add music to the cart.
Refer to the “FIRST Safety Manual” for robot lifting techniques. By practicing these safe techniques, your team members will also develop a quick, fluid routine.

My favorite rule of the last couple years

3.3.6 Robot Carts

  • Do not add music to the cart.

woops, looks like i missed that one.:eek: Thanks guys

What about hydraulic can we do that.

hm… dunno about that one, that would be kind of cool though, you’d be the only team bouncin in and out of the pit:cool:

If you’re doing something unsafe, the safety judges will make you stop immediately. I’d call a 150 lb. robot bouncing around unsafe.