Source code for 2017 CANTalon library

In 2015 and 2016 season, the source code for the CANTalon classes was available as part of the wpilib source code.

With the change this season to the CANTalon class being part of a third party library, the source code to the CANTalon class is now unavailable to teams. (At least, I have been unable to find it)

The source code to these classes is useful for teams who have developed WPILib wrapper frameworks like Strongback and Toast. Could anyone at CTRE point towards a download location for the source code for the 2017 FRC CTRE library?

Congratulations, you’re on Google! I too would like to see the source/JavaDoc for the CTRE library, specifically the FeedbackDevice enum.

The code is not obfuscated, so you can simply decompile the library.

Over at GradleRIO, we were talking to someone from CTRE about publishing on maven and open sourcing the code, you can see that here

Thanks floo! However, I want to see what each of the feedback device values are for, which requires the JavaDoc. Documentation isn’t included in compiled files, so that is of no use to me.

The javadoc is actually included in the zip download from CTRE since Jan 13th. It is also here: