Source Code for Smartdashboard?

Does anyone know if the source code for Smartdashboard is available someplace? My team is asking me about having two cameras, and would be easier, at least for me, to modify Smartdashboard to accept web feeds on two different IP addresses and get rid of the default video than it would be for me to try and figure out how to do it in Labvies.

The source is on FIRST Forge.

How are you having two cameras? if you have one or more on the switch, you can even use ZomB, which has support for as many cameras as your computer can handle :slight_smile: If you drag a camera on, it is by default accepting stuff from WPILib’s built in camera. under source, you can change it to MJPEG, and enter the IP address of a camera connected to the switch in the box below. No source changes needed.

The radio has 4 ethernet ports, so it can support the cRio, a couple cameras, and our web-enabled popcorn popper :smiley:

I was asked if it was possible, and there shouldn’t be a problem with it as long as I don’t use the AxisCamera.getInstance() and stick to using them as web-cams. They don’t want to watch both at once, just be able to switch back and forth between them.

I’ve actually never been able to get ZomB to work, but I’ll take another look at it. It’s either that or figure out how to modify the default dashboard in LabView (I hate LV).

Can you please post a link to it? All I can find for the source is here:

and that repository requires validation.

You don’t have to be added as a member of the project, you just have to have a FIRSTForge account which you should be able to sign up for with no issues.