Source for Fisher Price gearbox and motor

I talked to two local Power Wheel’s service centers and they said that the PN 00968-9012 is not a valid Power Wheel’s Part Number.

Has anyone found a source for the Fisher Price motor and gearbox, or know the correct part number?

I am also looking for a place to get them from…

Our team is also in need of extra motors.

I found this site today (via all mighty google):

We have not placed our order, but we will let you know how it goes once we do.

I hope this helps.

PS. I’m assuming that many teams will need/want extra FPs, do don’t go nuts and order like 100 each, order what you need because I’m sure quantities will be limited.

EDIT: I was searching for just the motor, so I am not sure if the gearbox is legal, but the motor seems to have the same part number. (Thanks for pointing this out Justin)

Are these legal? The kit ones are white.

Maybe somebody can call FIRST and ask them if they can ship out additional KOP gearboxes…

It looks like they stock all sorts of them based on this statement;

Select Power Wheels motor gearboxes are not available for purchase by consumers.

If you are in need of motor gearboxes, please call or email to determine if they are available for your vehicle. You must have your Model & Run Number when calling. These are most commonly found in the same compartment of the vehicle as the battery.

Phone: 1-800-339-9297

we have FP motors and gear boxes from 05, 06 and this year. we took a motor from this year and modified a gearbox from 2006. we know the motor is legal, but is the gearbox? The gear box was never used before.

please send replys to “Mrmummert” thanks

You get them at your powerwheels service center. You have to go down there with your motor/gearbox and get them to match the part number on the motor. It is a current maintenance item that they will likely have in stock, but you may have to check with more than one service center to find one. We got the same “we have not heard of that part number” on the phone, but when we went down there they found the part for us.

Most places are really annoying to deal with. One of our mentors called in, and greeted them with a “We are from CHS robotics…”, they said “we aren’t interested” and hung up.

The next day I called and went down there personally, and they gave us replacement motors and gearboxes for free.

1503 is also looking for spare Fisher Price gearboxes, without the motor… any idea where to get these?

One of our students went buy the local Power Wheels service center. They sold him a 9003 and said that this is what they were told was the FIRST motor. He is taking it back tomorrow.