Source for Fisher Price Motors

For those looking for fisher price motors I think I have found a source. Currently I can’t confirm it’s the exact same motor as the product numbers inked on the motor are different from the product number on the website, but this is what I’ve found:
It’s says its most widely used as motor for ride on toy cars… anybody want to take the leap and order some with me??
You can get them through Testco and use the same number as on the website above. $15 a piece.

Let me know what you think. I’m a bit nervous ordering motors if they won’t be approved.

While this is likely the same manufacturer and basic motor can, it is not the same part and IMHO would not be first legal. While similar, the performance curves clearly do not match. OEM’s like FP often specify alternative or custom windings so its unlikely than we could get the exact motor from Johnson.

Ask your supplier whether the motors have the number 00968-9015. That’s Fisher-Price’s internal part number, and if it’s printed on the flux yoke, it’s the appropriate motor.

Otherwise, you could be getting one of many similar but not identical motors. In a FIRST application, they can vary hugely in performance. The current F-Ps are among the weakest; the old Mabuchis were slightly less powerful, and some of the newer Mabuchis could output over 400 W (they were 6 V motors running at 12 V).

Basically, as far as RS-550 motors are concerned this year, the 00968-9015 part number is the most effective way to demonstrate to an inspector that they’re legal.

So are you saying that the part number on the RS-550 motors is identical to that of the KOP Fisher Price motors, in fact making them demonstrably legal?

Has been our source for extra FPs.

our problem is that the 19 tooth pinion gear that comes with the Fisher Price motors does not work with the banebots gearboxes we are trying to use

All u need to do is press of the 19t pinion gear and press on the correct one. I would search as there are a few threads about this with good tips so you don’t damage the fp motor.

Many threads on Chief Delphi describe the process of removing the FP pinion and installing the Banebots pinion.

Likely just searching on the terms Fisher Price and Banebots will get you the links.

Note that this is a thread from the 2009 season, not 2010.

The RS-550 motors in the 2010 kit are the same Fisher-Price 00968-9015 motors as last year (though often with a 15-tooth pinion instead of the 16-tooth or 19-tooth ones that were previously more common). If you need a motor with a 19-tooth pinion preinstalled, check Update #8 for trade-in details.

The RS-555 motors are two different types, however.

Numbers like RS-550 and RS-555 represent a huge variety of motors with similar shapes but different characteristics. You must verify that your particular motor has the right part number on it.