Source for old style CIM motor (fr801-001)

Does anyone know where I can get more of the older style CIM motor that was in the kit last year (two are in the kit this year)? Part number is fr801-001.

I checked on the IFI website “FIRST store” and it shows as in stock there, but there is no way to actually order it as the “add to cart” links are just text, not links.

PLease let me know if you have any information on this. Also, if you have extras for trade, I might be able to part with some goodies. (there is an off chance that I may have extra batteries, which are always a hot item)

Thanks in advance for your help.


I am assuming that this store will be active soon, proabably this week. These motors are specially made for FIRST by CIM and I don’t believe they are avaliable anywhere else.

This site builds them for FIRST

Thanks for the link to the CIM motors website, but this site does not offer them for sale. I (and I am sure many in the FIRST community) are trying to figure out how to get these from IFI (I assume IFI at this point anyway).

As soon as someone can confirm the source, please share!



Thanks for the link to the IFI kit of parts website (that link is actually for the 2005 KOP).

As I explained in the first post on this thread, the “add to cart” links on that site, and the 2006 KOP IFI site do not work.

I’m assuming that they should be available there at some point, in the future though.


I am surprised there is a clamor for new old CIM motors.

Are they not identical to last years? My team currently plans on stripping two off of last years bot and using those. This would even leave the old bot functional enough for demos.

Is there a legal problem with using last years competition motors? They may not be brand new, but I’ve never noticed any preformance loss so I can’t see a problem with them being competitive if they are indeed legal.

-Andy A.

Mozilla Firefox isn’t very friendly with the InnovationFirst “Online Cart” system. Try using Internet Explorer.


Works fine for me, it must be a problem on your end.


Yes, it is now working for me when I open it up in IE. I had been opening it in Firefox before.