Source for pushbuttons

Team 1983 is wondering where other teams get the push buttons they use on their operator interfaces. Could you give us the source and perhaps the part number you use? A web address would be fantastic…

We are mesmerized by the seemingly infinite number of switches available from Digi-Key or Allied…

What do you guys use successfully? We need some momentary contact buttons and a few toggles…

Thanks for the help!!!

Radio shack is a very good source for buttons and toggle switches. We have 3 local Radioshacks, so buttons are plentiful, and they come in just the right variety.

Try these buttons:

and these toggle switches:

Good luck!

Both are sources of cheap but good quality switches

Both teams 228 and 190 use these specific pushbuttons in the link below. If they are good enough to be the standard pushbutton on arcade games, they’re good enough for use on an operator interface. :wink:

Learning how to decipher the DigiKey catalog, for something like switches, is a valuable skill that will even serve you well in your job. Take the time, and don’t forget that for every manufacturer represented by DigiKey, there’s a manufacturer’s web site with detailed specs.

On the other hand, most of our switches also come from Radio Shack…


Given that you’re in Des Moines, WA, I highly suggest that you make the 20-minute trek over to Fry’s Electronics in Renton, WA. If the Fry’s in Southern California are any indication, they will have rows and rows of buttons, and many of them are in plastic bags so you can try them before buying.

Here’s a tip - buy some spares too. When we got to the regional last year, one of the switches had broken off in shipping. Since we had gotten it from Radio Shack, a replacement was just down the street, but we didn’t even need to do that. Another team had the identical switch and gave it to us!

We ordered 10 momentarys, a couple of rockers, and even some keyswitches off of DigiKey. For cool missle-style switches, offers them for $8.95 in a bunch of different colors, and free LEDs on the switch head

We ordered most, if not all of our switches off Radioshack.

Look up and find 800F series 22.5 mm metal type buttons.

Or the link above, Automation Direct is a whole lot cheaper…

As always the CD family comes to the rescue.
We have buttons on order… next day air…

Thank you EVERYONE for the quick help!!!