Source for rolls of 5mm HTD belt

We would like to use 5mm HTD belt for an elevator, but we are having a hard time finding a source for a long roll or spool of belt. Any suggestions on where to buy it?

Mcmaster Carr has spools of XL timing belt, does anyone have experience with this for elevator applications?

SDP/SI sells belt in meter lengths to order, here is a link to 5mm HTD, 15mm wide. They have other widths as well.

Some other belt/pulley sellers like BBMan probably have it as well.



You can also check out BRECOflex:

These belts have steel tension members and can be cut to length and shipped, usually same day as the order is placed. There are also several other 5mm pitches that work very well for linear drive applications!

We’ve been using Polytech Design for belts and pulleys for the past few years:

Web sites don’t seem to be their thing but they’re a great source of inexpensive belts and pulleys.

Thanks for the help with the belt sources! These are expensive, but it is a really good place to save weight.