Source for Small Mecanum Wheels

Does anyone have a good source for small mecanum wheels for an intake? The ones at WCP are back-ordered (at least for the kit anyway), and the small ones we got from Andymark last year were either too heavy or not durable.

I’d highly recommend looking into The Thrifty Bot. They’ve got quality parts (not just small mecanums) at very reasonable prices. Not to mention you get to choose your colours!

I will say that while I haven’t purchased these wheels myself before, I have purchased from this store in general. Great quality and great customer service! Not to mention others rave reviews about the wheels.


Thanks I’ll check them out. I hadn’t heard of this company before.

If you have a 3d printer, you can make your own too.


Thanks! I will give these a try before ordering some. Hopefully my printers can handle it.

As some have mentioned

Thriftybot - 2in mecanum wheel

Andymark - 2.25in mecanum wheel

Vex - 2in mecanum wheel

REV - 75mm mecanum wheel

Fingertech - 2.75in mecanum wheel


The Thrifty Bot mecanums are great. Don’t be scared by the price on the website, though, since that’s actually the price for a set of 4. They’re nicely printed and you can get them not only in multiple colors of PLA+, but if you need really strong ones they also print them in Markforged Onyx (though those you can only get in black.) We just got two sets for our intake and they are beautiful. Very solid and perfectly printed and assembled. Also, to answer the OP’s original objection to the AndyMark version, they’re quite light (1.12oz/wheel).


We got Thriftybot’s for the off-season last year, after the ones we 3d printed disintegrated. Very, very happy with them, and already placed an order for this year’s robot :slight_smile:


Would you recommend spending the extra for the onyx ones or just go with the PLA? We are currently printing some on our printers out of PLA and figured we’d give them a shot first, but it’s good to have a backup plan.
The AndyMark ones we got last year were actually 4", but they were pretty heavy. If our printed ones don’t work we will either get the ones from Thrifty or likely order some from AndyMark although they are slightly larger than the others.

From our testing so far, the PLA+ ones should be more than strong enough for an intake. If we were using them in a more demanding role, the Onyx ones might be worth the extra money, but probably not for this. The ones you’re printing yourself may be a bit less strong depending on the PLA you’re using, but will still likely be fine.

I’d find it hard to believe that the PLA+ ones are going to have any worse performance than the Onyx ones from a durability perspective. Ryan dropped a 20lb weight on them from 3ft high multiple times.

WCProducts sells 3 different types of 2" Mecanum/Vectored Intake wheels.

2 types look to be in stock.

Only the 2" VEXpro pack are backordered

Those look to be in stock at VEX here - Mecanum Wheels - VEX Robotics

Definitely possible options for teams (especially if we start seeing stock issues in the coming weeks). But if all of the above options are in stock when you go to buy, I’d have an extremely hard time trying to justify the cost of WCP ($20/wheel), AndyMark ($17/wheel) or VEX ($11.25/wheel) over that of TTB ($8.75/wheel) when looking at 2" mecanum options.

The metal frame/construction of the WCP or AndyMark wheels are nice, but OP is talking about using them on an intake. I don’t see the added weight/strength to be of benefit here. VEX is much closer in price to TTB, so I could see the argument made that if you’re already ordering from a vendor that stocks those, perhaps placing your orders from one vendor vs two could be beneficial/preferable.

I recommend it if you can. We used them and they worked well. We had to do a little fileing when our print was done but thats likely the quality of print issue not the cad or anything

For those who have tested against the cargo, are you seeing good performance? I’ve seen a few videos of mecanum use so far with positive results. Our first run with them last night did not provide nearly the same grip.
For reference we are using the stock 2" prints from WCP. Not sure if anyone has modified the rollers possibly?

Once we get our wheels how do we set them up on the intake? Is it as simple as the left wheels go on the left and the right on the right or is it opposite?

Basically yes, when you run your intake to intake, make sure the wheels are “pointing” inward.

Check out a few videos if you’re still not sure!

The Thrifty Bot has a video with good examples


Have a look at this image.

This would be looking at the intake from the front. In this layout, the wheels will direct cargo/balls from the ends of the shaft towards the middle of the shaft.

That is very helpful

We did a test earlier this week with last year’s robot, and it worked reasonably well. Obviously the location wasn’t optimized for this size ball, but it was close enough - the ball rolled to the middle and got partially sucked in (it wouldn’t fit in our conveyor).