Sourcing of Dimensionally Accurate Extrusion

Howdy! I’m trying to source dimensionally accurate extrusion. We’ve been using Vex Versa tube for years and it’s great, however, the hole pattern gets in the way especially for things like elevators, and now that we have a Hass 3-axis CNC mill we can put accurate holes wherever we please. In 2018 we got some 2x1 from our local supplier which caused us no end of grief on our lift because in it had upwards of 1/8 in of warp along as little as 2 feet of tube. We would be grateful for any suggestions!

Wow, you need to find a different supplier! We get ours from CoreMark, which has a location here in Minneapolis, and haven’t had any issues like that. It looks like they also have a location in Fort Worth, which might be an option for a pickup for you.

Wow I’ve never seen that much warp out of any tubing. Are you sure it wasn’t just that lot? We have ordered extrusion from Online Metals and West Coast Products in the past because it’s hard to get 6061 locally. Very happy with both. Online metals has coupon codes all the time

Thanks y’all! Do you happen to have a ballpark for the dimensional accuracy of the WCP extrusion?

I don’t think I’ve seen tubing more than maybe 0.05" out over a 5 ft length and even that is stretching it. Is it possible your tubing got damaged at the supplier? Both WCP and OM tubing were used for elevators with zero issues. I have seen tubing oversized by up to 10 thou though but it’s always consistent along the length/lot.

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I’d definitely check for other local metal supply houses, or give your previous supplier another chance, but make sure the material is right before accepting it.

As others have said I’ve never seen that kind of issue except when the one supply house donated all the stuff they were going to send to scrap because it was damaged. Depending on the exact piece the useable length was 50%-90% and since it was free we certainly didn’t complain. Point is good suppliers don’t intentionally sell bent material at full price because there are a lot of metal suppliers out there.

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That’s probably why they went out of business a few years back.

Make sure when you machine your tubing that you ALWAYS measure the true size of your aluminum folks!

I’ve gotten 2x1 thats + 0.020 before and if you have a part flip on that face you now have features that have a 0.040" offset. Always compensate in your CAM!!!


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