South Florida Regional: 2014

Better build your 'bot to not be Frail;
‘cuz we’re throwin’ it down in Ft. Lauderdale :smiley:

This is going to be a very close and fierce competition. I am volunteering with the field crew but am glad I’ll have front row seats for the action.

Really dude?
Talkin’ trash so soon?:smiley:

Team 4026 is excited to be competing is South Florida for the first time. Personally, I haven’t been to a FL regional since 2000. It will be interesting to see if there are any familiar faces.

The animal kingdom is looking good as usual with pigs, sharks, moose, and a few cats making appearances.

On a not so earthly note, MARS is ready for SFL with a few hardware upgrades and a whole set of new strategies. The one thing we are currently missing are the squishy good luck charms 1902 provides.

SPAM, its never to early for trash talk so bring it on!

Horses are making a last minute detour to South Florida. Hoping to see a few familiar faces, and can’t wait to throw down with the rest of the animal kingdom! :stuck_out_tongue:

As a late addition, 801 will be joining the stellar lineup of robots down in SFL. Good luck to all of the teams.

As long as everyone who is registered shows up and has a robot, we will have 47 Teams competing.

I haven’t received an updated pit map with 801 on it yet.

comuting from home everyday sounds awefull. does anyone have a sugestion for a hotel in powerizer distance that is still bookable?

Try the Extended Stay America two blocks down from the convention center

thanks wendy. boy! their rate is not fixed, its higher for thursday and friday

Nice to see 801 Horsepower joining in the mix. Tytus I am complaining about going back and forth to my house, so I can’t imagine you would want to do that either.

Great Team Name Jeremy! …you got quantum teleportation worked out on that 'bot to get around the defense? :wink:

Also it’s great to have 801 to fill out the list of teams. Congrats on making it to the semi’s at FLR…

Friends, family and Teams attending the South Florida Regional, please note that RoboVisionOD “On Demand” will be supporting the South Florida Regional! Keep tabs on your favorite FRC teams by following them through our brand new website, or by downloading our app on Google Play: RoboVisionOD. View match videos, stats, rankings, and more!

RoboVisionOD has a lot of new features in store for South Florida. Here are a few of the programs we’re bringing to the regional:

• On Demand: Video archival via and our YouTube page, Watch every single match video minutes after they happen!
• Live Webcast of the entire regional through our Google Play app, desktop site and mobile site. The broadcast will start the morning of the first qualifying match via YouTube Live at
• RoboVision Replay: During lunch and in the evenings, we will “Replay” previously recorded matches through our live broadcast system.
• RoboVision Recall: If it’s not too crazy and hectic, join us on RoboVision Recall as we analyze the Regional by looking forward, interview with the top teams and review highlights of the day. Recall is a fun 15 minute video segment to end your day with.

We think you’ll love what RoboVisionOD “On Demand” has to offer for the South Florida regional. Visit our website,, or our Facebook page at to connect with us!

Thanks, we are looking forward to an additional regional and shot at qualifying for the Championships. After a rough start at Orlando, our performance was exceptional at the Finger Lakes, and I am confident we will do even better in the warm sun of South Florida.

See you there…

So wish I was there. Currently riding a bus to the Bayou.

Go Gary! Best wishes for the Mad Rockers!

Wendy, this place is awesome!

2k’th post

got asked if this was allowable pneumatics](

45 of 47 Robots were inspected by 8:00 pm.