South Florida Regional 2016

:eek: So who’s excited for the South Florida Regional 2016 edition. I’m glad it’s back to being a late season event and looking forward to the venue change to the Palm Beach Convention Center. :]

We are also planning a FRC Florida alumni event Thursday, March 31st please see flyer attached if you would like more information please PM me.

Mellow Mushroom Flyer.pdf (487 KB)

Mellow Mushroom Flyer.pdf (487 KB)

Really excited for the change to the new location. About 20 minutes away from home now. :slight_smile:

And we can’t wait to showcase our redesigned robot :slight_smile:

Thread bump and reminder to see the flyer attached in the original post.

Teams going into South Florida having already qualified for the World Championship
*Starred teams do not yet generate wildcards, since they have not yet qualified for the World Championship, but are on this list based on having placed well at Districts or Regionals.

11*-WON-MAR District - Springside Chestnut Hill Event
179-WON-Palmetto Regional
180-WON-Orlando Regional
694-WON-New York City Regional
2383-FINALIST-Orlando Regional
2590*-WON both MAR District - Hatboro-Horsham Event AND MAR District - Seneca Event
2797*-FINALIST-Orlando Regional
3556*-FINALIST-Orlando Regional
4592-WON-Orlando Regional
5816-Rookie All Star at Orlando Regional
5819*-FINALIST-Bayou Regional
5872-Rookie All Star at Bayou Regional

Good luck to all teams, this is going to be a tough Regional to win.

These teams haven’t qualified for championship

Can’t wait to start seeing some awesome matches happen later today! Hopefully I’ll have time to walk around and get buttons from everyone.

Really thrilled for our first qual match ;).

Best of luck to 11, 2590, and 694 this weekend! Bring some hardware back up here!

Akash, you could have warned your Florida friends about 2590. That robot is a beast.

You say that like you didn’t start prescouting teams that were going… Or maybe I’m just crazy HA.

I must say, being the team representative for alliance selection was nerve wracking/hugely disappointing. :frowning: