South Florida Regional

Our team has been contacted and told that the regional planning committee for the Florida regional has been allowed to construct a new regional for Florida for this year. It is going to be held in Boca Raton, Florida at Florida Atlantic University(FAU) and it will be called the South Florida Regional; they will change the Florida Regional to the Orlando Regional. Dates are up in the air at the moment but we were told that they would be far enough apart to allow for Florida teams to go to both Florida regionals. :smiley:

Our team got a similar email.

The timing is going to be interesting considering FAU and UCF spring breaks are on the same week. (3/5 - 3/11) Either way its awesome news for Florida FIRST!

Also being a student at FAU I think its great to see my school getting involved in FIRST.

Glad to see this is getting off the ground. Looking forward to being able to attend 2 regionals in a year without driving 8 hours.

Hey, Palmetto wasn’t that bad! :stuck_out_tongue:

Definitely watching with interest–with Florida flirting with a double-field event at UCF in years past, it certainly seems like it’s due for a second event.

It is going to be week 5, convenient for teams that want to attend Orlando and South Florida.

TechTigers will have a home regional be afraid, be very afraid. Just kidding. Anyone that has any questions on the regional or comments feel free to post in this thread or pm me and I’ll be happy to answer. I will be seeking approval to answer some of the questions dependable upon the other committee members so it might take some time for me to get a answer back but I will answer in time. I have gotten a lot of questions/feedback of people asking if FAU is big enough to do the regional and the answer is were capped at about 42 teams according to FIRST.

Just to add to the topic… the beaches are approximately a 5-10 minute drive from the FAU campus.

Team 744 is really excited because FAU is about 15 minutes from our school, therefore this opens up the possibility of a three event season for us!!! Plus the FAU Regional is on my birthday, so I get to drive robots on my birthday!! :smiley: Also, does anybody know of a contact on the South Florida Regional Planning Committee?

Youre team is gonna consider doing back-to-back regionals? We wanted to try and do a 3 regional season but our team couldnt handle a back-to-back regional setup.

No, there’s no way our team would be able to pull that off. I meant 2 regionals and a championship.