Southeast MI - Looking For A Team!

Greetings to all Southeast MI teams, prodominantly in South-East Oakland County.

To those whom do not know me:
The facts:
Name: Brandon Joerges
Years with FIRST: 4
Former Teams: 00, 01, 02 with #247 Berkley High. 03 with #470 Ypsilanti High
Current Status: Resigned from latest team
Field of ‘expertise’: Mechanical & Pneumatic Principles
High School: Graduate of Berkley High
College: Freshman at OCC
Field of Study: Pre-Engineering, Mechanical

The predicament:
As my “current status” states, I have resigned from team 470. Those of you in the area know the sheer distance between Berkley and Ypsilanti. During the 2003 build season, I drove a total of over 2000 miles to work with the team.
With my new responsibilities… College, Finding work, and a social life, I just don’t have the time to put aside to drive for an hour to a build session, work all night, then drive an hour home.
I need to find a team where, should I need to, I can take off early without feeling like I’ve wasted an entire day by driving.

I am leaving 470 on good terms, and also recieved numerous awards from the team, including their highest honor and a Varsity Letter from Ypsilanti High.

To those of you in the SE MI area that are looking for an experienced, “hands-on” mentor, mentor with skills in 2D/3D CAD, and Mechanical and Pneumatic Deisgn, please contact me via CheifDelphi Private Message or one of the methods in my signature.

Thank you,

Brandon Joerges “Gadget470”

PS: Yes, I do know about the function on FIRST’s site to find teams in MI and willing to be mentored, etc. Most teams do not have full or accurate contact information on FIRST’s site. Those who do, will most likely be getting direct contact from me.

I’ve gotten two responses so far, Ironically, they are both Visteon sponsored. :stuck_out_tongue:

Meeting with one of them tomarrow :smiley: