Southern California Regional Radio messups

Anyone else have radio problems? Ours went out during the round and the judges acknowledged their fault but said we told them too late…

later we tested and everything was working fine (without any changes).

i think i heard that some other teams had the same problem

feedback please

None here. Our radio worked fine.

Yep, we’ve had some major comm problems. Team 589 won the very cool “Leadership in Control Award” for their nifty drive system, yet can’t show it off because of these problems. Hopefully the InnovationFIRST folks can figure out what’s going on in the morning.


Make sure you are using the new radios with blue writing, not the old one with red writing. This causes a lot of the problems. If you are still having problems, I would suggest borrowing a replacement radio from FIRST. That’s what we did at Phoenix and I’ll bet we had the strongest signal in the place.

My old team, 992, has been having major radio problems. They’ve replaced the radio, the RC, the cables, and checked all wiring, but they are still getting only getting an intermittent signal. It works fine in tether mode, and they tried it on radio after competition ended yesterday, and it ran flawlessly for almost 30 minutes. If other people are having problems, it may be an issue with interference or crosstalk.

At the Granite State regional, we were having Electrostatic buildup problems that looked like radio problems. Typically with about 15-20 seconds left in the round, the robot would stop and the light would go off. After about 10 seconds, it would come back on again.

If this is what you are seeing, you might try hanging some wires off your robot to dissipate the charges.