Southern New Hampshire University Sets Out to Reimagine Campus-Based Learning

Passing this along for those who would be interested and/or might not have figured out what they want to do yet. In interests of full disclosure I do work for SNHU in the IT dept and am also a 6 year FRC volunteer who has spent the last 4 seasons as a robot inspector. I don’t know anything more than what is in the announcement as far as the changes going forward at this point. But if there is someone out there that this would help who wants more information about a specific program or about campus I would be happy to connect you with someone who can answer your questions.

This is really interesting. Is the model that the students would take classes with SNHU’s existing online model, but have an on-campus experience? Does this mean the more “traditional” in-person classes are being phased out?

To answer your first question, Assuming we can open campus it would be an on-campus experience with online classes for freshmen starting in September. And those classes would be all Gen Ed’s so they could be easily transferred if after that year the student decided to go elsewhere. Going forward from there we don’t know yet what things will look like. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it turned project based especially in the engineering/technical programs, but that’s just my idle speculation.

Very cool! I’m intrigued to see what direction they go. I grew up in Manchester, it’s been great to see SNHU grow so much since I was a kid.