Space Aliens Attack Robotics Competition

This just in:

It was a day of chaos and panic at the West Michigan Regional as a fleet of interstellar warships decended upon the competition. The building was immediately swarming with bloodthirsty infantry. Witnesses say that the aliens were housed in biomechanical armored suits covered in curved blades and carried rifle type weapons. The body count was staggering: 156 dead and 27 wounded in the attack. A practive match was in progress when the assault occured. One engineer was disemboweled as he apparently worked on the robot on the field, and he was found with his slick intestines were wrapped around the axel. No other information on the aliens or where they come from has been revealed. It is evident that their technology is more advanced than out own, so it will take the brilliance of scientists and future engineers to battle this barbarous enemy.

Back to you, Jim.

wow…people have too much free time, and while were on the topic of space this site has the terrible secret of space movie, and it also has the old ayb and star wars gangsta rap movies, but the terrible secret of space is great