space between bumpers and trailer hitch?

So yeah, this is super late in the game, but we just saw the rule stating that the bumpers need to be spaced away from the trailer hitch. Currently our bumpers are touching the trailer hitch, and we know we’ll need to modify them and cut them down. However, we want as much bumper coverage as is possible, and none of us can seem to find a rule as to exactly how much space needs to be between the bumper and hitch. We can cut off ~12 inches in total while still being over 2/3’s total (if my calculations are correct), but we want to cut off the absolute minimum we have to.

So, long story short, who knows the minimum space needed between the sides of the trailer hitch and the sides of the bumper?

Thanks in advance!
-Team 2491, No Mythic

There is no rule that specifies exactly how much space there needs to be, just that they must be spaced such that the trailer bumpers make contact with the robot bumpers before the trailer tongue does. I don’t know the exact numbers off the top of my head, but something like 1-2" off either side is ballpark.