Space Cookies Team 1868 - FIRST Menstrual Equity Initiative

Hi everyone! I’m Rupali from Space Cookies Team 1868.

Space Cookies is so excited to launch our Menstrual Equity initiative! Join us in our goal of making menstrual products free and easily accessible at all FRC competitions by becoming an ambassador! To get involved, go to Menstrual Equity — Space Cookies | FRC Team 1868. Let us know if you have any questions!


Our team has already been bringing “care baskets” to all of our competitions for the last 4 or 5 years. They typically contain menstrual products, hand sanitizer, deodorant (spray), hair ties, hairspray, and anything else we can think of.

It started out as just menstrual products and grew as we realized how much people forget these simple things.

We try to have baskets in both the Men’s and women’s restrooms. (Men’s typically have deodorant spray, hand sanitizer, and hair ties. Because men seem to forget to pull their hair back more often than the women do and practically never carry hair ties with them😉)


Thank you for doing this. When I was in HS in 2012 I had my period during elims at Hartford and I was drive coaching, and I ran out of supplies and was so stressed out, and had to hide it from the rest of the team because periods were a very taboo topic back then. I got weird questions and looks for needing to run to the bathroom in between matches.

Not only does this work provide girls with the supplies they need, but also empowers us to talk openly about a topic that we have been trained to stay quiet about. It is just a normal bodily function! Screw hiding tampons in our sleeves and shoes on our way to the bathroom!

7407 has signed up to help at NE events and we can’t wait to flaunt our stickers and pins! Thank you Space Cookies for leading the charge! :heart:


Thanks for being ahead of the game here and yes re: hair ties! Is it okay to put you down as responsible for MIDET and MILEV?

Yep, we will have them there!

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Thank you to the following 18 teams for signing on as the first m.e. FIRST Ambassadors!

Adroit Androids #6025
Brooklyn Blacksmiths #806
Gear Heads #2813
Gearheads #102
Girls of Steel #3504
Janksters #1967
Knight Krawler #2052
Knight Vision #3175
Lady Cans #2881
Quantum Leap #4079
Regal Eagles #2869
Robodox #599
SMABotics #5493
W.A.F.F.L.E.S. #4476
Wired Boars #7407
Team Paradox #2102
That ONE Team #4967
The Whidbey Island Wildcats #2980

We’re very grateful for your initiative and generosity! :blue_heart:


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