Space Elevator

How cool would it be if they developed something like this in the near future? The resulting boom in space travel and tourism would be a huge kick to the economy, a huge renewal in interest in space would occur, and shortly after, there would probably be men (and women ;)) on Mars. Also, one must look at the current fleet of space shuttles. One has already been destroyed (Challenger) in a tragic accident more than a decade ago. Now, the other four are showing the signs of over 20 years of flying back and forth from space. Soon, we’ll need one of two things to continue space exploration. A new fleet of shuttles, or a space elevator. A space elevator is so much more efficent, and once the initial costs are paid, much cheaper. The technology is here, we just need to build it.

I read the artical and the idea of a space elevater seems very strange. I think this may be a waste to do for now. Much of space travle I have heard of seems like a bad idea right now. I think that all the money, time, and effort spent in things like this should stop untill all the problems on Earthare helped. I think that there is much more that could be done on Earth right now compared to what we could be doing travling in space. Anything being done with space right now that directly helps problems on Earth right now I do not have a problem with. It is just that I think that all that money, time, and effort could be put to better use for now. The idea of a space elevator is a great idea, but I will only support it actually being done if it will help problems on Earth right after it is built. I am sure this could help problems on Earth but could it help the problems we currently are having.
That’s all I have to say about this right now. Feel free to try to change my mind, I am always open to new thoughts if I feel they go with my thinking.

The idea of a space elevator is prominently featured in the Red Mars science fiction book series (sorry author escapes me now). You might want to read it. The series deals with the colonization of Mars and has a lot of interesting ideas. Prophetic? maybe.


One thing a space elevator could do is allow us to reach the moon quickly and easily. on the moon there is a huge supply of He3 (i think that’s what it is) which is used for fusion. that would provde a cheap, clean power source for many years to come. also, the problem of over crowding could be eliminated. if mars was to be colonized, a large portion of earth’s population could be moved, and this would help greatly. i do agree with your concern, but this is something that may not have benifits the second it’s built , but i think as time goes on it will become more and more important.

It kinda reminds me of the elevator from willy wonka and the chocolate factory. if you’r into futuristic stuff, check out

He3 isn’t used for fusion (at least not to start it usually) H(2) and H(3) are used.

*Originally posted by MBiddy *
**He3 isn’t used for fusion (at least not to start it usually) H(2) and H(3) are used. **

AAAAAAHHHHHHHH, chemistry!! :rolleyes: Chem is cool.

             / \
       N----C   C==O
      ||   ||   |
      ||   ||   |
      CH    C   N--CH3
        \  / \ /
         N    C
         |   ||
        CH3   O

Guess what that is? (C8 H10 N4 O2)

I saw an article about the elevator in the July 02 issue of popular mechanics. it said that mag lev cars would cruise at 1200 mph going to the space station. it would be interesting to see!

Matt I don’t know what that is, but I don’t think it has to do with He(3) and fusion.

You’re right, but we fellow robotic people use A LOT of it during the build season…

Reasons like this are why I dropped Chemistry.Things that go fast are still cool though.

I’d hate to tell you but we can’t use fusion yet:). Its still at a negative energy output. Unless I’ve haven’t heard some big news or is that fission I’m thinking of?

well, for fusion, you need certain small molecules (like He(3)), otherwise it’s negative energy. so, with lots of small molecules, you have positive output. otherwise, we’d all be in the dark now, cause the sun would be dead.

well, for fusion, you need certain small molecules (like He(3)), otherwise it’s negative energy. so, with lots of small molecules, you have positive output. otherwise, we’d all be in the dark now, cause the sun would be dead.

first of all the sun is losing energy sooner or later it will go out:)(hopefully really really really later) plus the only articles ive been reading about fusion are really still about cold fusion(ability to start a fusion reaction at lower temperature) and the positive output. In reality fusion is the perfect way to make reactors its safe and effective

Isnt “C8 H10 N4 O2” caffiene? Everyones favorite addictive substance :smiley:

hmm, that reminds me of the time dan made a caffine molecule in bio…

to bad we didn’t get a picture. i’m sure we could recreate it next year though :stuck_out_tongue:

Dan may have found how to make it from where I did…
Anyway, here is my attempt to make a caffine molecue:

         O   CH3
         ||     /

H2C–N-/ _N
| |
// \ N/ \N/
O |

(C3 H8 N4 O2)

Seems alittle different from Matt put up.

If you want to see a better version of a caffine molecue go to here. So many interesting things at that site for geeks. I want the buttons that are there. :smiley:

if you guys are going to try to make a caffine molecule here, use the CODE brackets, cause it preserves spacing.

At Kroger, there is some brand of salt, and on the package it says “Real Salt - 30% less Sodium”

How does that figure?

the only thing i can find wrong with this is that who could it reach the moon when the moon and the earth are rotating at different speeds and the moon is revolving around the earth and with the space station it would fall right out of the sky because it was going to slow to maintain a steady orbit and how would it just shoot up this cable it would have to be a huge super structure so it couldnt get past the moon without it being hit hence no mars or asteroids and what about satelites there tradjectaries(?) would have to be altered to not hit this and how would it be constructed no air = no welding or concrete meaning it wouldnt be too sturdy so it would just be cheaper to build new shuttles in the long run and the only reason the Challenger Space Shuttle exploded was because of a faulty O-ring so the space shuttle is a lot safer than you think it is probably safer than riding in a car or crossing a street becuase even if there is a bird in the area they wont launch the shuttle so dont go there with the it isnt safe garbage