Space Shuttle Columbia

I don’t know how many of you know this already but the space shuttle columbia has had a horrible accident. As most of us are students and innovators of science, and many of our teams are working with nasa. So let’s send up a quick prayer to the families of the astronauts and those involved in this mission. If it’s as bad as I think it is and as bad as it looks, they paid the ultimate price for science, technology, and the spirit of exploration.

Team 696 would like to express our deepest sympathy to the families of those seven lost. And may President Bush not let this tragic event slow down our space progam, our economy, nor our country.

i am sitting here right now watching the broadcast. i dont know what exactly to do. my entire body is shaking. when horrible events like this take part i can feel my heart break. the 7 people aboard and all there friends and family are on my mind. i went on the website and read the bios of these people. This is truly a horrible event. as a memeber of FIRST robotics this touches my heart in a different way. i remember 2 years ago at nationals watching the rocket take off. that was extremely awesome. i dont know what to think anymore. the people affected by this r in my prayers.

I’m speechless.

Dave - everyone at NASA - this must be particularly difficult for you. My thoughts are with everyone.

…so close to the anniversary of the Challenger, too. It’s such a shame.

The Space Shuttle is one of the most amazing pieces of machinery I’ve ever seen. While it seems like the public has lost interest in the miracle of space flight, I’ve never ceased to be amazed. The sheer amount of cooperation that is necessary to make something like space flight possible, and even more to make it safe, is overwhelming and enviable.

I hope that the program continues. I wish something beside a disaster like this would capture the public’s interest.

I’m sorry.

not only close to the challenger, but the Apollo fire was i think on Jan27.

I hope they continue manned space flight after this . . . .

Team 280 would like to express our deapest sympathy to those families of the seven brave souls lost in this horrible tragedy. They will be in our thoughts and prayers.

This is a horrible loss. I’m at a complete loss for words. I don’t think I’ve ever been this stunned. Sept 11 was so unreal and distant in my mind it just didn’t seem real. This is scary. I’ve seen the shuttles. I’ve been gifted enough to work on research projects that involved actual orbital experiements. I’m working on a project right now for the “vomit comet”. Even though I wasn’t making it a career goal. The dream of being an astronaut has always been there. I love robotics but the thrill of actually doing it has always excited me. This is a horrible reminder that space travel is dangerous and will probably always be so. I just hope that this loss doesn’t harm our abilities to explore the stars.

I hate waking up to this. I pray for the families of the brave souls that were on board, and I hope my own tears can offset some of theirs :frowning:

I find it so sad that the urge to explore science and technology has to lead to consequences. However, I do not feel this was a fair consequence. I’m giving my prayers to the crew and families right now, and I can only hope there will be a briefing that they found safe and sound.

I would like to express my deepest sympathies to all of the families of the victims of the space shuttle. I woke up to this and it made to be a bad day…

I feel really terrible for NASA because not only were there 6 americans on the space shuttle but there was also 1 israel person on board. I also am really sorry for the families of the astronauts who were on board.

Dave, send Team 384’s condolences to the families and freinds of the crew. One of our programers came in with the horrible news today. We all said in unisin: “Oh $@#$@#$@#$@#”.

I hope that NASA will still be able to continue support of educational robotics programs such as FIRST. We may see some heavily streamlined events next year. :frowning:

Im at a loss for words…

Also, I just read that it was the first flight into space for five of the crew members.

I was born the day the Challenger blew up. NOW just 4 days later and 17 years after the Challenger blew up the Columbia Blew up.

I am at loss of words…

My thoughts and prayers

*Originally posted by GateRunner *
**Im at a loss for words…

Also, I just read that it was the first flight into space for four of the crew members. **

five of them. Only two had been before. But it shouldn’t matter - at that point of re-entry it was under computer control. They think it went wrong during takeoff - one of the external tanks hit a wing when they dropped it, possibly damaging the heat sheilding. At the temperatures created when going 12,500 mph slight damage could have caused something to fail, and then it was just a chain reaction. My question is why did the go ahead with renentry when they knew there had been problems on takeoff . . .

Still, about the rest of it, I am still at a loss for words.

figures, the first time had to be the last for those. its sad that our country had to have to this happen right when everything else seems to be going wrong too. one thing that was going right was the space program for quite a long time… now not evn it is

This is a very sad day for both the United States and Israel as seven brave astronauts onboard the space shuttle Columbia were lost in the pursuit of scientific progress. Our hearts go out to their families and the greater family of dedicated NASA employees who support the shuttle missions and FIRST teams across the country. Let us rededicate ourselves to making this the best FIRST competition ever, while remembering the crew of Columbia.

I just got word of this terrible tragedy, and I am nearly speechless. On behalf of team 247, I would like to send our thoughts and prayers to all those touched by this tragedy. This is a time where people should be there for eachother, and team 247 would be more than willing to offer its assistance to any and all teams with ties to NASA. As for those brave souls who lost their lives today, their lives came to an end while they were doing what they loved, and they should be considered heros, who lost their lives while trying to further our nations space program. They will not be forgotten.

Team 1135 would like to express its condolences to all of those who have suffered from this tragedy. I do hope that the manned space program will continue, otherwise, it would be an even greater tragedy to end the program and have their lives be spent in vain.