SpaceX Internship Opportunity

[LEFT][FONT=Verdana][size=2]I thought I’d drop by to make sure everyone knows about this pretty amazing opportunity for FRC participants:[/size][/FONT][/LEFT]


[LEFT][size=2][FONT=Verdana]I’ve been working at SpaceX for five years now, and it has been an extraordinary experience to be part of the SpaceX avionics team. I started here before we had successfully launched anything to orbit, and now we’re supplying cargo services to ISS on a regular basis. This is just the beginning though, as our goal is to visit and colonize Mars, and you could be part of that effort if you work for it. If this sounds interesting, here’s our website where you can learn more about SpaceX:[/FONT][/size][/LEFT]


[LEFT][size=2][FONT=Verdana]Here’s a movie of something fun we recently demonstrated:[/FONT][/size][/LEFT]



Hi Kevin,
Long time no see. I remember probably a decade ago now, when you were THE guy to go to for all things code in FRC. Nice to see you’re still doing great work out there.

It’s not a coincidence that my heavy involvement with the FRC ended at the same time I joined SpaceX. JPL was, um, a bit more relaxed work environment that allowed me to spend time developing hardware and software for FRC. I really miss working with the teachers, mentors and especially the kids; hopefully life won’t be so hectic at some point and I can contribute again (I’ve got a killer stereo vision rig that I’d like to complete and give to the teams to use.) -Kevin

SpaceX has got to be one of the most incredible companies in existence. This is a really cool program they’re offering, and I’ve shared it with a few of our seniors who I know would be interested. Incidentally SpaceX is running a cool competition at my university this weekend that I hope I can participate in. I must say, it would be a dream place to intern and I’m definitely angling toward it myself for a year or two from now :slight_smile:

Yes, I believe SpaceX is a pretty incredible place too. If you are accepted, expect to work long, intense hours as an intern because you’ll likely be given more responsibility than you would get elsewhere. Some burn out, but many don’t and have a pretty good chance of being offered a full time job. Having interned at SpaceX also looks very good on a resume if you decide to work elsewhere. If you or anyone else has a question about SpaceX, I’d be happy to answer 'em here.


I was really excited when I saw this opportunity - it’s pretty well exactly what I would like to end up doing. I did some reasearch, sent off a few emails, and found out that we Canadians are left out in the cold :frowning:

my sentiments exactly.

Yeah, sorry. We build a lot of stuff that is covered by ITAR, which means you need to be a US citizen or permanent resident to work at SpaceX.


Speaking from experience, this is the truth. And Kevin comes in later than I do, I think–I’m on the production floor, and long and intense is normal. I’d say how long, but I don’t want to scare anybody.

And my FRC involvement also went down about the time I joined SpaceX…

Eric, too cool; I had no idea you were here. If you find yourself on the third floor, drop by and say hi (I’m easiest to find in the afternoon & evening)


I’ve seen you a few times. Usually when I’m visiting another FIRSTer down the aisle from you to talk about some equipment our teams have in common.

I happen to work out at the vertical stir welder. One of the few pieces of cool technology with very little practical application to FRC out there…

I can’t believe this thread hasn’t exploded with seniors. I for one am applying. A career like this is my dream. I’ve had actual dreams of me getting this internship.

@EricH What’s a vertical stir welder?

I too am applying. Currently putting together the best application I have ever assembled. Wish me luck!

Do you know of opportunities like this (the internship) exist for students who did not participate in FIRST? I have a student who is graduating this year, and will be attending MIT to pursue Aeronautical Engineering. She participated in the WISH program at NASA this past summer. Unfortunately, I was never able to get her involved in FIRST as she is also quite an athlete.

Start with a friction stir welder (a sampling can be seen in Now, take one that will travel in a straight line only, and point that straight line at the ceiling. You get a vertical friction stir welder. We use ours to build rockets.

Scroll down to the Internship and Co-op section.

Thanks for the QUICK reply! I will be sure to share the information with her. She is truly an amazing young lady and would be an asset!

Yes, absolutely. There is plenty of info on our website:


For all you CS people out there, check out this AMA with the SpaceX software team:

(I’m particularly enthused about SpaceX at the moment as I just left a presentation at USC)

Yes, check out this page under internships. There are hundreds available each year, but apply early, they fill up fast.