SpaceX launch live coverage

Look at this if you want to see a launch or SpacX’s Falcon 9 rocket. They are transporting a communication satellite to geosynchronous orbit. It will be there first rocket launch to this kind of orbit.

Heres the link

T minus six minutes. Count hold at T-3:30.

Bummer, no launch today. Next attempt will be Thanksgiving.

This must be a first… someone posting a link to a stream of something that ISN’T spam!

but also I’m watching and it’s awesome. Our lead programmer is down there and apparently it’s even cooler. (duh)

Theystopped the timer at 3:40? wonder why

This is the third time they’ve stopped and restarted, however this is the longest they’ve let it go before stopping.

Interesting though, I remember watching the NASA launch a few days ago, and them not halting and restarting…

Getting close to the end of the launch window…

EDIT: Scrubbed…

Nooooooo they canceled it:(:eek: :frowning:

Bummer launch scrubbed, try again Thursday.

Though disappointing, I support any reason to abort a launch.
Though this satellite is unmanned, we all remember the infamous should-have-been-scrubbed Shuttle launch

Elon Musk ‏@elonmusk
Saw pressure fluctuations on Falcon boost stage liquid oxygen tank. Want to be super careful, so pushing launch to Thurs.


  1. I was not being funny, I was being serious

  2. The disaster happened nearly 28 years ago

  3. This is Chief Delphi. Hashtags (or octothorps as I call them) do not work here (and I hope they never EVER will)

I was poking fun at the overwhelming use of hashtags these days (anywhere and everywhere), and didn’t mean to offend you or anyone. Sorry if you took it that way.

One of our former team members has been interning at SpaceX as a flight software engineer. We are very proud of him. Andy, you’re doing great things!

Unlike First, space stuff is critical engineering. You only get 0ne shot and everything has to be perfect. You don’t get a second chance to fix your mistake. One of the best things I did was do high power rocketry with my son. Instilled that gota be right discipline and mind set.

I have close to a dozen friends/contacts that work at SpaceX here in Hawthorne, and they work tirelessly (16+ hour days) to get things done there. Basically imagine an FRC Build Season but year-round.
All around very impressive group. Waiting to see if they will compete with ULA.

Interesting fact about this launch, is it’s using a bielliptical transfer orbit to GEO. In other words, the rocket is launching SES-8 well past geosynchronous altitude. This minimizes delta-V on the part of the satellite for orbit raising, to save prop and extend the satellite’s life to 15+ years (wherein most Altas/Delta rockets deliver via a Hohmann transfer).

My family is in town, we were dissapointed the launch was moved, but still enjoyed the time waiting for it. We will be having thanksgiving dinner at Port Canaveral. Food, Family, Rocket Launch… I Love the holidays.

Make sure you try the shark kabobs at Grill’s seafood bar at the port. They are fantastic!

Scheduled to go off at 5:39 EST tonight, is carrying the webcast

There’s also one at If I didn’t have other stuff to do, though, I’d be heading for work to watch from near Mission Control. :smiley:

Lets try this again.