Spacing of jugs and moveable goals

How far from the moveable goals are the orange juice jugs placed? In other words, what would be the diameter of the smallest possible circle that could be drawn around all 8 jugs and the goal?

I thought that I answered this one - or maybe its in the diagrams in the appendix. Anyways, I believe I stated that all of the juice bottles will be placed approx. 1 foot diagonally away from the 8 corners of the goals. We will try and orient the juice bottles the same way each time, but I cannot guarentee that the exact placement will be duplicated. We will try to place all of them handles out. When I construct the court, I will place tape marks on the carpet so we can quickly set up the court upon completion of each match.

Thanks for answering, knowing that helps us out a lot. I thought you’d already answered it too, but I couldn’t find it anywhere on the forum, so I decided to go ahead and post it.

No problem, better to ask than guess. I’ll find out what happened to that post that had the original response.