Spak Max Motor controllers working correctly turning, but will not go forwards or backwords

My team has not competed since 2020. I am working on creating an FRC bot in this off season to teach underclassman how to navigate and operate LabView. The students have designed the chassis to be a “four wheel direct drive” in that there is 1 independent motor for each wheel.

The issue we are having is this:

The bot is not moving forward or backward. The motor controllers are not displaying any light codes besides idle, but when the joystick is about 50% pushed they flash green or red (depending on forwards or backwards) for a fraction of a second, in the way they should be working.

It is turning left and right correctly.

Bellow is the teleop code.

It looks like you’re passing through a 0 on the second select statement when the joystick is outside of the 0.1 deadband. In the first select statement, you pass through the 0 if it’s within the deadband.

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