SPAM posting on IFI forum

What’s up with all the SPAM posts on IFI’s forum? Looks like better than half of the threads in new questions are junk (drugs, porno, etc.). Do CD moderators clean up that stuff here or is there some software/filter that IFI should be using?

Most of the CD mods catch that stuff and they ban the IP’s or let Brandon do that. That is what helps the most. Also online there are sites with .txt files of IP addresses that are full of spambot IP’s and Emails the spambot’s registered with. Many times forum administrators will use what is already there to prevent future occurrences.

vBulletin helps with a lot of that; the moderators catch anything that vBulletin can’t get. I wouldn’t be surprised if one day IFI ended up using vBulletin for that forum one day. :wink:

Hey Gary,
Do me a favor. Don’t capitalize spam. I was about to go nuts thinking that some of our students were causing trouble on the forums. That’s the mentors job.:stuck_out_tongue:

oops, just a habit, although usually when I refer to the team I write S.P.A.M.