Spam solution?

Not sure about how the forum filters work but is there a way we can block new threads with “live”, “stream”, and the link pointing toward reddit?

Just keep reporting them.

Personally, I love the idea of being able to block people from posting their streaming stuff. Maybe doing something about the IP address instead of just getting rid of the account or post or whatever they do right now?

i also had the idea of blocking links to reddit…

one other solution I found was to not allow users with -10 posts to use links, since it’s always a new account

I could have sworn that a few years ago, threads started by new accounts had to be approved by a moderator. Am I remembering incorrectly, or did something change?

(Note that I am not advocating increasing the moderators’ already large workload, although this would likely help with the spam to an extent.)

I like the <10 post solution. It makes it much harder for bots to post. We could also consider introducing captcha for users with low post count, as people who actually want to post will be fine with filling in 5-10 captchas.

It would have to be a different type of captcha than is used for registration, because that is obviously not working very well.

Is it just me or are the titles becoming more and more believable.

I almost think the streaming is irrelevant and some nifty programmers wrote an AI or neural net (cough cough 900) to learn how to pick up on human language…

I don’t think it is, but it’s using buzzwords as clickbait to get people to look at them.

I agree with Sperkowsky that the titles are becoming more believable. I won’t speculate as to whether this is a AI or HI driven. In recent weeks, I have taken to hovering over the title for new threads, especially those with exactly one reply as a personal spam filter.

I heard a suggestion on one of the previous threads that I liked

Somewhere on the registration page, have a hidden captcha. A normal human who fills out the form will leave it blank because they cannot find it, which is the correct answer. Any bot that combs the page will fill out said captcha and be denied.

I’d recommend the new reCAPTCHA since it is run by Google, and will always be updated to catch the latest of spam bots.

This restriction was in place at some point in the past. It may be that something broke it.

Could block any post from a poster with less than 10 posts and where the post is more than 50% hyperlink. Less moderation.

Is it possible to increase the amount of moderators? How many are there now anyway? I feel like there are a lot of trustworthy mentors on here that have had an account for 8 years+ who aren’t moderators but could be trusted as moderators.

I would be more than willing to help out. I am a moderator on many different sites as well as hosting my own for a few things.

I’m not sure I’d trust myself as a moderator–just sayin’.

That being said, here’s the full list: (from the list of all the forums, click the “Forum Leaders” link). I count 49, not all of whom are necessarily very active (and not all of them have moderating responsibilities in any given forum).

I wouldn’t mind helping out as well, especially if it would help to reduce the amount of spam on CD and improve the overall user experience. I’ve had to battle spam-bots in the past while maintaining my own teams website.

As for a mechanism to detect spam without moderator interaction, I wonder how difficult it would be to automatically hide/delete/quarantine a thread after a certain number of users report it as spam? This could be implemented in a php script that scans the database for threads that have been reported excessively. A cron job could be set to run this script every so often, completely automating the task.

In theory, there should be very few false positives, if any. There could always be some type of appeal process if there was a false positive.

For preventing the spam in the first place, it probably would be best to somehow upgrade the capatcha that is used on the register page. The Google ran reCAPTCHA as mentioned above would probably be the best, as it is constantly improved.

The current wave of spam all posts a very specific type of link:

Anyone familiar with Reddit knows that 99% of reddit links will come from a specific subreddit, eg:

While one option would be to prevent new accounts posting links to any site on reddit, a more refined option could be to simply block new accounts from posting links that don’t point to a specific subreddit.

Obviously this is a temporary solution, and only fixes the symptoms of the spam-bots, so to say.

On the other hand, I personally have been enjoying the quirky titles it posts…