SPAMs Poor Mans Scouting System - 2015

Hi All,

I have released the initial version of this year’s Poor Man’s Scouting System. You can find the files in the Whitepapers section or go to

This year, we had to make the data entry sheet legal-sized in order to fit in all of the information that we thought was needed to evaluate a teams contribution to the overall score.

Feel free to make whatever changes you would like.

PM me if you want the MSPublisher version of the data entry sheet.

Thanks Warren, I had missed this post and was afraid I’d have to make my own this year. Glad to know you still have PMS. :wink:

I am working up the v1.0 right now. Where should I send it?

Added v1.0 files to the whitepaper list.

I finally got input on the effective score and first and second round coefficients.

Additional, cosmetic changes to clear up confusion by scouting team.

Enjoy, and good luck in your events.

5188 used this at our first district event and it worked very well. Thank you guys for your hard work!

Thanks for the feedback.

Try the v1.0 version and see if you like it.