Spare Falcon at FiM State Championship

I know this might be a long shot…

We have a swerve chassis with Falcons. Everything has worked great all year. Our first match today we sheared the bolts on TWO of our Falcon shafts! We were able to swap them out tonight and are running now but we now have no spares which makes me very uncomfortable. We havent been able to buy them all season.

If any one attending has a few spares that we could count in as a “stand by”, we would he VERY grateful. In the event we need one, we will replace with new as soon as they are available.


You can borrow one from us. Stop by in the morning and tell the kids Bob and Shelby said it was ok :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! Hopefully we won’t need it, but i will be by tomorrow to have on hand. What’s your team #?

(psst click on the user name and check their bio)


1023, we are in DTE!


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