Spare NI LabVIEW 2011 for FRC 2012 USB Drive?

Were switching from labview to java and using more then just the classmate for some offseason projects, but unfortunately since our team is based out of our school we do not have access to most of our stuff (We have our robot stashed at a students house for the summer). So we basically need the drive from NI that came it the kit, and don’t have access to ours. Are there any teams in the Hamilton/Trenton NJ area that we could borrow one from, or is there a downloadable version/could someone upload an image?


i THINK i have a copy of the 2011 installation disc on my computer, but not the 2012 version

I could upload an image, along with key/serial no’s. We had roughly the same problem this year, so we just copied another teams disk.

How should I upload it? The file is 3.5 GB.

It would be great if you could upload it! I still have 2470’s key/serial no’s but our laptop is broken and the USB stick that had LV on it is corrupted. We’re stuck borrowing a laptop from another local team for the time being.

You can find another image of the LV software at but the .zip is corrupted… And I can’t seem to find a way to fix it.

I would suggest uploading it to google docs, making it public and posting the link here… But I have never uploaded anything that large to google docs.

If that doesn’t work pm me and I can give you access to a page on our website so you can upload it there.

I could provide you both with access to an (S)FTP server, plus my copy got corrupted so I wouldn’t mind one. PM me if you’d like to do that.


There is no need for anyone to upload the files, I already did. If you need the links, just PM me.


you can also download the files here: