Spare parts / mechanisms and C5 / I3 / E20

I’m wanting to get some feedback on the new C5 and I3 rules. I’ve read the manual and I’ve read Q&A. However, I’d like to get some feedback on my interpretation of what I’ve read.

My understanding is that an entire second robot which has drive wheels/treads, gearboxes, and belts/chains removed can be brought into the pit and can be used for spare parts or mechanisms as might be needed throughout the event. This might be considered a “spare parts assembly” rather than a “Robot” or ROBOT.

Furthermore, the removed drive components from this second robot, such as an assembled swerve drive module, could also be brought into the pit as spare mechanisms themselves. It even appears that E20 would allow these drive components to be brought to the pit after load-in if they were COTS modules, or would be considered motors and attached gearbox assemblies (wheels may have to be removed and brought in separately as assembled wheels).

Assuming that you are willing to be re-inspected if using spares from this “spare parts assembly”, nothing on the “spare parts assembly” needs to be initially inspected or weighed per I3. Similarly, drive components can also be used as spares, not initially inspected or weighed, and would not even require re-inspection if replacing an exact duplicate of something already on the ROBOT.

Do these interpretations match your own understanding of C5 / I3 / E20 and any other rules or Q&A answers? This is such a fundamental change from pre-2020 rules that I want to make sure I’m interpreting rule changes correctly and don’t get some nasty surprises at events.

That is my interpretation. Per I3, you can only declare up to 150 pounds of “stuff” as the ROBOT and get it preinspected. As before you could pull mechanisms off your second robot, and bring them in under this route if you can make the weight limit.

This years changes also allows you to use your second non_ROBOT (your second ROBOT with the drivetrain removed) as potential spare parts. Since it could not be inspected (per I3) you will need to get inspected after any parts replacement at the mechanism level.

Any COTs part of the drivetrain, could be brought in assembled. Other stuff would have to be disassembled down to legal status of “spare parts”. You should be able to swap these parts, without inspection, though it never hurts to inform the RI and LRI of what your plans are so it is clear to them what you are doing.

Personally I think the requirement of “no drivetrain” is stupid, since it just is a hassle factor raising of the bar, and does not prevent you from having a full set of spares, if you have a second robot. Either disallow the second robot entirely or allow it. Making teams pull the drivetrain before each event is just silly.

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