Spare Parts Movie Trailer

Just saw another trailer for the upcoming movie “Spare Parts” and noticed an interesting clip at 1:02 in this trailer:

Screenshot below. Appears to be a pre-2009 FRC controller placed next to a pre-2015 digital sidecar, with a dozen inexplicable braided wires electrical taped to the middle of the sidecar? All to compete in a water game.

I put that mess together. Super non functional. There were actually 4 “Stinky” robots built. 2 had to work in the water. The one in the photo was the static one. For the inside the box view, we just threw in a bunch of parts and wires… mostly not hooked up or hooked up to random parts.
Ya gotta suspend critical,technical thinking while watching the film.
I worked with the actor playing Lorenzo how to solder. Notice there is no close up of his technique.
We had them rewrite the dialog where they explain what PWM is. So some technical stuff is correct.
Lots of fiction in this story “based on” our story.

heh…we’ve been waiting (since October 2013) for this to show up on CD. The fun part about making movies, is that the folks who do it are artists. They don’t understand, or much care, about how things actually work. Getting them to spend time or money on making things look correct is a lost cause.

So treat it like any other movie, and put your mind in “fantasy mode” when the house lights dim. It’s a really good movie!