Spare RoboRIO

Apologies if this is inappropriate. I have finished up my mentoring with the local FRC team (1502 in Chelsea MI), and during that I bought my own RoboRIO to try to learn to program it.

It’s never been on a robot, just on the bench driving motor controllers and such. Looks new. I’d like to sell it; outside of mentoring FRC there’s not much use for it. DM me if you’re interested, we’ll keep it out of the discussion area.

If this is inappropriate let me know and I’ll delete the thread immediately. I’ll also delete it when I sell the thing.

Also do accounts get purged after some inactivity? I was on here a couple of years ago but I had to create a new account just now.

Since you’re in Michigan, you might also want to try posting this on this Facebook Group, you might get a better response.

ChiefDelphi actually used to have a part swap/sale section but I think it got discontinued a few years back due to lack of use. Since then people have periodically made posts like these and I haven’t personally seen any objections to them, so you’re probably fine.

To my knowledge accounts don’t get purged (unless it didn’t have much use initially and got confused for a spambot). There have been a number of users who have gone on multi-year hiatus and been able to come back and log in to their old accounts. Not sure what might have caused your problem (can you see if your account still exists in the search?).

It looks like you are near us! How much are you looking for?

Yes, I’m in Chelsea and work in Saline so I could drop it off sometime. I dunno, they’re $500 new, this thing doesn’t have a scratch on it. Say $400? I also have a 12V mains power brick that I run it off of on the bench for doing testing which I’ll include.

Check for your old account, and contact Brandon Martus to merge the accounts/delete the old one once you find it.

$435 new](NI roboRIO - AndyMark, Inc)

I guess they’ve gone down. I paid right around $500 at AndyMark. OK $350.

It is basically new. It’s only ever been on a bench, and I don’t think it’s been powered up for more than 3 hours.

PM sent!

Happy holidays.

Sent you a PM yesterday

Thanks for responses, the thing is taken.

Sorry I was slow I thought the site would email me if I got a PM so I had quite a few when I finally checked.