Spare Trash Can Anyone?

Would anyone happen to have a spare recycle rush trash can? Our team (6081) has been scouring the Internet for one, with no cigar. If anyone would be willing to spare one or offer one that would be phenomenal!

Leaving aside the obvious questions about “why Recycle Rush”, it’s a pretty stock 32-gallon trash can that happens to be green with FIRST logos and a slot in the lid. Your school janitors may have a clean one handy; if not, Home Depot or Lowe’s should have a selection.

Matter of fact, here’s the Manual description for that year:

RECYCLING CONTAINERS are 32 gallon green Rubbermaid™ Recycling Containers with “single stream recycling” style lids. The part number for a non-FIRST branded can that is the same model and color as those used in competition is 1788472. Each RECYCLING CONTAINER is 28.8 in. tall (height includes lid), has a diameter of 21.9 in., and weighs approximately 8.65 lbs. The lids are also manufactured by Rubbermaid™ (part number 1788471) and weigh approximately 2 lbs."


It’s mostly just because we’re renovating a new area and would like a can from recycle rush, yes, the game is debatable. However it would be cool to have one.

In that case, I’d go with getting the P/N noted and applying some amount of spray paint. :wink:


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