Spark flex being funny

Hello. Recently I tried powering one of my spark flex motors and it switches between showing red lights and green lights
According to the rev documents, this means it is constantly switching between forward and reverse.

The video of the behaviour:
It is kind of hard to see because of the quality of the gif but the motor constantly switches between being inverted and going forward. This same behaviour is not seen on the motor to the right, which is an exact copy in terms of hardware and software.

I took a photo of the faults. These CAN TX and CAN RX faults only occur on the left flywheel, the right one (Which, I remind you, functions correctly,) does have the over current fault but doesn’t have these two.

Is this a problem in the software?

rev tuner :skull:

Is the motor doing PID? Seems like it’s oscillating to try to maintain some position or something.

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it seems to be the case because normal voltage works fine. Thanks.
Are these can faults safe to ignore?

I believe you can ignore them since they are sticky faults and not active. (Someone can correct me if I’m wrong)

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And if you’re trying to use PID to maintain a speed (rather than a position), make sure you’re using a feedforward relative to the desired speed so that the motor never drives backwards even when over-speed

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I’m well aware, just didn’t get around to tuning the FF constants yet so they were set to 0 :sweat_smile:
Also apparently I set the target to 90 rpm so the oscillations make sense now (something about the tangential velocity to angular velocity calculation… all fixed now though)