Spark MAX 1.5.2 Missing Linuxx86-64 Binaries?

Hello all!

I just downloaded the Java API off of REV’s website yesterday, and noticed an issue right away. It appears to be missing Linux x86-64 binaries. I saw a similar post declaring the same issue about 1.5.1, but I could not find a fix with that. I am receiving what is below:

Update: Just checked C++ as well, not in that driver file either. Am I on some sort of wild goose chase?
Execution failed for task ':extractTestJNI'.
> Could not resolve all files for configuration ':nativeDesktopZip'.
   > Could not find (com.revrobotics.frc:SparkMax-driver:1.5.2).
     Searched in the following locations:

Any ideas or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Thanks for the information. Have any tips or advice for a loop hole around this issue?

They have linux x86-64 static builds, but not shared last I checked. My team doesn’t use GradleRIO, so we just pull whatever we want from their maven repo.

Modifying the vendor json to use the static version (linuxx86-64static) may work.

Uh, from what I can tell, REV do have Linux x86-64 shared builds for libSparkMax 1.5.2. I definitely would’ve had problems building robotpy-rev otherwise…

@benjiboy2539 Do you have the vendor JSON in the correct location in your project?

Yes, I have it located it in my project’s vendordeps and my ~/wpilib/2020/vendordeps

It appears that the linuxx86-64 binary specifically for the driver portion were missing from the .zip only, so an offline install would behave as you mentioned, online install is unaffected. I’ve re-uploaded the zip with the binaries included, please re-download and extract.

Thank you very much!